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Everything ESO

A Bluesky feed that attempts to find everything related to The Elder Scrolls Online posted in English. Improving over time – I hope 😅 Let me know your suggestions!

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Search Terms

  • #elderscrollsonline
  • #eso
  • #esoart
  • #esofam
  • #esofanart
  • #esohousing
  • #esoscreenshots
  • #guar
  • #theelderscrollsonline
  • #teso
  • #tesoctober
  • #tesonline
  • elder scrolls art
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  • eso art
  • eso fam
  • esofam
  • eso fanart
  • eso housing
  • guar
  • tesoctober
  • tesonline
  • "elder scrolls" followed by "eso"
  • "eso" followed by "elder scrolls"

Other Filters

  • Input: Entire network for the last 7 days (= maximum)
  • Exclude some accounts based on a custom list (usually bots that have nothing to do with Elder Scrolls Online)
  • Exclude some more accounts based on another custom list (usually accounts that post with the wrong language setting and the feed accidentally picks up their posts; this needs a better solution!)
  • Exclude anything that is not in English based on the language setting you can use when composing a new post or reply (unreliable since some people do switch their language to the "right" one...)
  • Sort everything by creation date (descending aka newest first)

JSON for Skyfeed

    "displayName": "Everything ESO",
    "blocks": [
            "id": "aaajj7f6xq5dg",
            "type": "input",
            "inputType": "firehose",
            "firehoseSeconds": 604800
            "type": "remove",
            "subject": "list",
            "value": null,
            "id": "aaajkpppgxd6a",
            "listUri": "at://did:plc:rxvoeixtvtht4p6uyoksxap6/app.bsky.graph.list/3kl3vuy2qat26"
            "type": "remove",
            "subject": "list",
            "value": null,
            "id": "aaajuzsnt6ni6",
            "listUri": "at://did:plc:rxvoeixtvtht4p6uyoksxap6/app.bsky.graph.list/3kl6g4tqquw2k"
            "type": "remove",
            "subject": "language",
            "value": null,
            "id": "aaajj7yi7of2i",
            "operator": "!="
            "id": "aaajj7f6xq6by",
            "type": "regex",
            "value": "(#elderscrollsonline\\b|#eso\\b|#esoart|#esofam|#esofanart|#esohousing|#esoscreenshots\\b|\\b#guar\\b|#theelderscrollsonline\\b|#teso\\b|#tesoctober|#tesonline)|(elder scrolls art|elder scrolls online\\b|elder scrolls online art|eso art|eso fam|esofam\\W|eso fanart|eso housing|\\bguar$|tesoctober|tesonline|\\belder scrolls\\b((.|\\n)*)+\\beso\\b|\\beso\\b((.|\\n)*)+\\belder scrolls\\b)",
            "caseSensitive": false,
            "invert": false,
            "target": "text|alt_text"
            "id": "aaajj7f6xq6ro",
            "type": "sort",
            "sortType": "created_at"
    "license": "MIT"